About Ak-Sufi

We are a trading company specialized in importing and marketing a wide range of consumer products and cover the whole needs of Iraq. We have begun the trade life in Erbil.

 The company was founded in 1990. Since that year we have been trading with success and quality in whole Iraqi’ cities. 

We are proud of our selections of premium quality products that cover the consumer’s needs, taste and concerns with competitive prices. 

The products that we offer include a wide variety of disposable food packaging as well as different types of food. Ak-Sufi is considered one of the leading companies in the trading of disposable tableware. as well as is considered one of the main companies of raisins and dried apricots trading in Iraq. 

The company has suitable warehouses and cooler warehouses, we have also a fleet of trucks that varies in size to ensure high distribution to various Iraqi cities.